Multiple Campaign Lists on Website

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We use the Constant Contact widget to display links to archived newsletters on our WordPress website and this works great. We would like to add a separate list of links to display "life events." Is there a way to add a second archive or a way to add some logic to the widget to display only some of the campaigns that are archived? (e.g., include links on the website that have the word 'Newsletter' in the campaign title for one list and include links on the website that do NOT have 'Newsletter' in the campaign title for a second list.) 

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Hello @TraceyH09 ,


There's only one archive functionality available, it wouldn't be possible to add another to the account. It sounds more like this is something you'd need to code / add to your site manually, utilizing the specific emails' share links that you want to have on your highlights list.

William A
Community & Social Media Support