My email campaigns history is incomplete

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I've been using CC since 2007 but my history only goes back as far as 2013. I have six years of campaigns missing. Was there a purge? I've tried using the calendar view as suggested by chat however that doesn't work for campaigns beyond 2013. 


I'm flummoxed and so are they since they've just sent me an email that it's going to take them up to four days to figure out where all my campaign history is.


Hope someone can provide me with some insight. I'm hoping that campaign history is somewhere and not just ~poof~ gone forever.



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Hello @GaleB6 ,


The system's gone through a lot of significant updates since the early 2000's, which means not all campaigns may be available. With that said, chat support has already submitted the case to the higher level technical team, and they'll do what they can to retrieve the emails if possible.

William A
Community & Social Media Support