My master contacts list keeps changing back to old list and not new cleaned up version

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I spent a lot of time sorting and cleaning my master contact list ( i have three smaller campaign lists ) by removing ones we didnt want any more or invalid emails etc (i originally imported all contacts from our crm and didnt want all of them to go over - to give idea on number sit was 8000+ and is my new list was just under 5000 - TWICE now it has reverted back to the old master list and removed all the work i have done (seems so far to be a monthly thing) so all unsubscribe and new sign up data seems to be missing as well as ALL of the unwanted contacts being back in the master list. When questioned the first time i was told that it is to do with an update for wp forms - i dont think this is the case as they didnt do a sync or update as far as i can tell - but I never got any info from constant contact in terms of back end data to take back to wp forms to try and resolve. So i manually changed everything back to how it was before but to my annoyance the contacts then received another thanks for signing up email as got added back onto the campaign lists. I DONT WANT TO HAVE TO DO ALL OF THIS AGAIN so wondered if this has happened to anyone else and if there is a way to for example restore to a previous date etc etc  


hoping someone can help as i am so very frustrated with this now 

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Hello @user8435420 ,


Our higher level technical team is going to take a closer look at this, and will be following up within the next 4-5 business days with an update via email.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Thankyou William!

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