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Hi. My client NinaH has sent two campaigns to her master contact list, and each campaign has far too many bounces, between 500-600. I printed a report on each campaign to try and find out the reason for all those bounces. But each spreadsheet only showed the bounce rate and percentages. I want to know the reason why each individual contact didn't accept our campaign -- e.g., does the contact no longer exist, did it block us, etc. So I need a report showing all the contacts and the reasons for the bounces. Is there any way to do this?

I know that if you click on an individual contact it shows the reason for the bounce, but there are over 2,000 of them and I can't go through them all one by one! Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks. 

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Hello @NinaH096 ,


Bounce type is included in the default bounce report export - the big blue button in the top-right corner of an email's bounce report. You can also view the bounce types on that main overview in the reporting page. 


For full instructions on managing and preventing bounces, including the processes mentioned above, I'd recommend checking out our main article on the subject.

William A
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