Newsletter in pdf format does not look professional

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Seems the newsletter is one continuous page.  When I download it in PDF format things are showing across multiple pages that belong on one page.

My first page has a heading and a  big logo.  in the .pdf the heading shows on page 1 and the logo takes up the 2nd page - just looks very bad.  The following pages show 3/4 of a box on one page and the last 1/4 is on the next page.

Any idea if the newsletter needs to be constructed in a different way so this won't happen?

If this is tech support and you have access, it happened with my January 2023 newsletter.

For now, I am using the direct link on my website.  I would prefer to have the underlying .pdf instead.

Appreciate someone's input.


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Hello @RichardC8225 ,


You can adjust the sizing of everything to try and better fit your email on individual pages, but ultimately that's just how it works. Since PDFs are documents with individual pages, they aren't really long continuous images. Since emails can get very long, depending on how much content you try to include, it can cause the PDF to end up needing multiple pages to fit everything, or be extremely small and zoomed out to fit on a single page.

William A
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No solution but an explanation. Thanks for trying to sugar coat it a bit.

I am fine working with the link, manager is a different can of worms, ha-ha.


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I've been a little curious as well, any time I share a pdf preview I let our team know it doesn't reflect how the on-screen version will look. I'd have to go back and check but page breaks are kind of funky, it doesn't split either photos or text blocks across pages so you end up with huge gaps of empty space as it bumps the whole thing onto the next page. That could just be inherent in the pdf generator used though.


One thing I do see a lot that might be worth looking at, pdf previews will randomly eliminate spaces between words. Haven't seemed to notice any pattern to it, but most times there will be three or four spots per email where two words become run-ons only in the pdf.

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Yes, I am just surprised they offer a .pdf version and it is so messy! It is unusable the way it looks.

Thank you for chiming in.  Appreciated!

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