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On your free trial and finding it very difficult to create a template. I cannot get out of the page FIND YOUR TEMPLATE. I want to see the ones already in the program however I cannot get out of this page. Frustrating.
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Hello @SusanL718 ,


I'm sorry to hear you're having difficulties creating a template. If you log into your account and choose the blue "Create" button in the upper right, and then choose Email in the overlay you should be taken to our template picker. From there you can browse or search by keyword. Does that work for you? You may find this article on creating an email helpful. It has instructions, screenshots, and a video on the process that you may follow along with.


If you're still find yourself stuck on a page, feel free to share a screenshot of what you're seeing if you're able to, or you can contact our support team and they will be able to help guide you.