Old Awaiting Confirmations

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How so we send another notice for members to resign up if the first confirmation is old or they can't find? Is it possible to send a regular email which we can add a link in to do this?


Please help!

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Hello @FullertonElksLodge ,


I'd recommend perusing our main article on contacts in Awaiting Confirmation status, which gives insight on what steps you or the contacts can take to re-subscribe and get the permission status updated.


Since Awaiting Confirmation has legal and compliance-related aspects to it, once a contact is in Awaiting Confirmation, they'll either need to click the link in the confirmation email, or sign up directly through a sign up form to get signed back up and have the email re-sent.


The easiest method for a contact to reconfirm their Confirm Opt-In to you would be through one of your sign-up forms, such as an easily shareable landing page, or the main one coded into your website (if applicable). You're also welcome to contact our Review team for additional insight regarding your specific Awaiting Confirmation contacts, and how best to get in touch with them to confirm their subscriptions.



William A
Community & Social Media Support