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How do I get my email address out f your servers?
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Hello @RalphT112 ,


The first thing I'd have recommended is not making a trial account with us, which includes putting your email address in our system, as that only exacerbates the issue. You can just reach out to us on social media, or call our general support number for assistance. Click here for our main contact page. 


I've gone ahead and taken the liberty of cancelling your trial account, adding you to our DNC list, and unsubscribing you from our automated marketing emails. I assume you're wanting to be added to our Global Block List, so no customers of ours can email you. I've gone ahead and added the email address you used for your trial to that GBL list. You will no longer receive emails from any customers of ours that upload your contact info into their lists. Please bear in mind this includes customers of ours that already have your contact info, or may add your contact info in the future.

This is not an unsubscription, which means businesses and organizations that you haven't unsubscribed from may still be able to email you from outside of our system. This will simply mark you as a "blocked" bounce that cannot be actively sent to through our system. If you believe you're still receiving emails sent through our system, just let us know through a support channel that doesn't require making an account with us, and we'll investigate further.

William A
Community & Social Media Support