Overview: Sending an automated email series

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What would make an automated drip email campaign stop sending scheduled emails? I have 2 automated campaigns with 5 emails that are scheduled for immediate delivery, then every 2 days afterwards.

The initial emails are sent, but no other follow up emails have been sent. 


What gives?

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Hello @HealthPointeJax ,


I'm looking at your automations, and the queues and time delays for each step are going as expected. For the one automation that has a few hours delay before the second step, that one has been queueing and sending as expected, with the next one a couple days away. The other automation's second step is set for 4 days after the first step, so everyone is still queued up for that at the moment.


If you've checked your automations' steps and delays, and they don't seem correct to you based on how they're setup, I'd advise calling our general support so they can continue troubleshooting live. However, everything I'm seeing with your automations shows them as queueing and sending as expected, based on how they've been setup.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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