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We would really like to share our emails made through Constant Contact on social media. However, the share feature automatically includes a footer with the owners personal email address as the sample address in the unsubscribe link at the very bottom of the page. This is unfortunate because the owner does not want his personal email posted on social media. (Note it's not the from email or the reply email. It's the unsubscribe at the bottom of a social media post fo the email) If we don't share our Constant Contact marketing emails on social media, it prevents growing our list. It's also not the best use of our time and the creation of the email. To recreate another PDF just seems so inefficient. It's nice to have the join our list and all the other buttons and links we've made already there without reworking it. Is there anyway to remove the footer automatically when sharing the link or posting to social media, including Twitter and Facebook? I spent a lot of time typing "I'm still here" while attempting to get this resolved in chat. Hoping there is a better way. Thank you! 


Hello @RobinW2 ,


This seems to be a newer element of the CPE emails. With that in mind, I do agree that there seems to be a lot more potential negatives than positives to including the default footer coding in the webpage version of the email - especially the unsubscribe link default. I've attached the known service request to remove this element to your account, and submitted the case to the engineers with some of my own testing and info. If and when they have an update regarding this issue, they'll make sure to notify you directly.


In the meantime, the easiest workaround would be to use templates that still utilize the 3ge. Otherwise you could also potentially download your email as a PDF, reupload it to the Library or elsewhere, then share that link to social media. I do recognize however, that both of those workarounds are particularly cumbersome - but they would avoid the potential privacy issue of the default coding.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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Can you provide same solution for me?

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Hello @MarketerL67835. There is a feature request to have the ability to remove the email address or have it not appear at all. This information cannot be removed from the footer at this time.


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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I have he same issue, can you please follow up to remove the default email for me n the unsubscribe?


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