Paypal not working

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I have an event set up and it is not allowing paypal to work. Can someone please assist me. The message is attached that it is saying. It is saying paypal cannot be reached. 

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Hello @AshleyR059 ,


This issue tends to occur when there's a problem with the payment ID of the PayPal account that's attached to the event. I'd recommend reaching out to PayPal's support, to see what additional insight and troubleshooting they can do regarding your current account. Otherwise the only other option would be to use a different PayPal for your event.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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I am sure you have this fixed by now, but it was the most recent Windows update that has caused that problem.  There is a Windows fix now, so download and install all of your updates and try again. 

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Events not "connecting" with PayPal. I have a PP business account. When I choose PP as a method of payment in an event, I click "continue" and it allows me to log in to PayPal. Then... nothing happens. I am simply in a PayPal window looking at my account. Nothing happens on the CC side. This after I set up a multi-item event whose details are all now lost because I could not complete the PayPal integration. Five attempts, several chats with support who asked me send screen shot of where I seemed to be hung, then the chat window closed. Done with CC for the day.


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YES! This is exactly what is happening to me! Please tell me you found a solution...

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