Please help cant log in

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I have been trying to log into my account for 2 days now. I have some important emails I need to get sent out. Every time I try to log in from my computer it just stays blank that the "processing log in". I can log in from my phone but not my computer.  I have tried two of my computers at my house and neither of them will allow me to log in. So it has to be something with the actual site. 

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Hi @courtney932,


When you login successfully on your phone, is it on the same wifi network as your two computers or using cellular data? If it's not on the wifi, that could be the reason both computers aren't able to login.


Do you know if there was an update to your home internet in the last couple days? It's possible Constant Contact needs to be safelisted in the security protocols for the network. 


And just to make sure I'm covering as much ground as possible, did you try multiple browsers on both computers or the same one?

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager