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Hi, does anyone have the Premium Plan? In order to send out an automated series to help onboard new customers, we have to upgrade our plan if we want to send all the emails we usually would in our series. We are trying a new type of automated series in Constant Contact that sends the emails in the series to anyone new in the contact list. I just want to see if anyone has experience with any of this, and if it's worth it to upgrade our plan. Thanks in advance!
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We had set up a Premium account for a client, but then had to cancel it. The reason is that in the autoresponder (automation) series, it was not possible to copy an email from an existing email (regular email or email already in the autoresponder series). I had reached out to support and they confirmed that this important feature was not in place. This may have changed since then, so you may want to check on that.
To us that was a no-go situation, since each email would have to be built from scratch taking a huge amount of time.

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