Re: re-subscribe bounces

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What do "bounce" and "suspended" mean? Our customers are complaining because they have not received FRESH PRODUCE for which they have prepaid. Email notices were sent through Constant Contact--to the correct addresses--and never received. This is the first time I have used Constant Contact and when I have clicked on "suspended" there is a video that I presume to be an explanation. Speakers are not connected on my computer and I can find no WRITTEN explanation of how to rectify the problem!

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Hello @JayY84 ,


You can find info on the bounces from within your account by clicking the little question mark icons next to the bounce types. You can also find info in our Knowledge Base articles (available from within the account as well under the Help tab) regarding bounces:

You can unsuspend a suspended bounced contact once through an email's bounce report. Otherwise you can reply to the automated @ mention email you receive from this response, with the contact's email address, and we'll try to unsuspend them administratively.


Once unsuspended, as a follow-up I'd recommend doing a Quicksend of the last email they were supposed to receive. If we receive a report from their domain / ISP about them being 'non-existent' again, then they'll likely be put back into suspension. You can check this by going to the contact's engagement history right after doing the Quicksend.


If the non-existent / suspended bounce occurs again for the viable contact, then it may be worth reaching out to our Delivery team to see if they have any additional insight regarding that domain / ISP. 


If you need more than 15 suspended bounces admin-unsuspended at once, I'd strongly recommend out to the Delivery team for assistance. They can do them en masse, and also investigate why so many allegedly valid email addresses would've bounced as non-existent enough to get them suspended in the first place.


William A
Community & Social Media Support