Real Estate Newsletter Timing and Frequency

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Hello - I am going to send out an email newsletter to past clients with market updates, predictions, etc... I think I have the mental bandwidth to send out 4 newsletters per year, but I don't know when the best time to send them out would be.  Any advice?  My first place to start would be spring/summer/fall/winter, but should I be more strategic or be sure not to hit a specific time?

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Hello @DanB589


It's a good question. Four times per year sounds like a good frequency to stay top of mind with your list, without sending too much.


I know generally speaking, spring tends to be the busiest time of year for buying/selling homes. If that holds true for your clients as well, I would say timing one of your communications right around that sweet spot would give you a good chance of reaching a client who may be actively thinking about moving homes.


The end of the year tends to be a good time to reflect back on the market the previous year and look forward to predict what happens the upcoming year. It's also a good time to wish people well for the holidays. There are usually a lot of marketing emails that go out around Black Friday for sales, so timing can be tricky. You may be competing for attention in the inbox, or catching people when they are with their families for the holidays. 


The rest you may be able to be flexible on. Hoping someone else for the real estate industry will be able to see this post and chime in with their strategy!

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