Receiving an Error Message with Email Campaign Activation Attempt

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I am trying to set up a Welcome automated email to send to subscribers of my WIX website I've integrated here. When I attempt to select "activate" I receive an error message in a red rectangle at the top which says, "You need to provide additional information. Please correct the errors below and try again." However, nothing illuminates in red "below" to correct. I've even gone back into the "Draft" and selection the option to "review errors" listed, and nothing is "red" to correct. How do I determine the "error" so I can "correct" it to automate this Welcome Email for my new subscribers?
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Hello @LaShawnD57 ,


I checked and refreshed the footer address section of your email, to see if there might've been some incomplete element or other aspect of it that wasn't saving right. When you have a chance, are you able to login and check if you can now activate the welcome email?


If not, this may be an issue that requires more troubleshooting live with you, in which case I'd advise calling general support for further assistance.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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