Resend option limited, data from first send gone

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Has anyone seen the resend options when altering limited to either those who have not yet opened your email OR those who are newly added to the list? It used to be that the resends would go to both. Also, the original email just prior to the resend has disappeared as far as the data, as if it was never sent. Can't find it in any folders - deleted, etc. Anybody experienced these things? Thanks.

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Hello @CIFMarketing0296 ,


That's not how Resend has worked for as long as the our current and previous editor has functioned. The automated Resend-to-non-openers, the manual RSNO, and the manual resend-to-new-contacts have always been separate prompts. 


Have you tried searching for the email by name or subject line? Have you tried checking your Reporting page to see if the campaign shows there?

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