SMS link not working

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Im working on an SMS for my client and the link I'm sending is showing up in the body but when it actually sends to my phone it doesn't show the link is even there? Please help this is imperative for my client to send links through their SMS account.
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Hello @QuintenS1 ,


I'm not finding any SMS campaigns in your account, so I'm not really able to gleam any further insight from my end. At this point, I'd advise calling our general support so they can securely look up the account you're working in, and provide live troubleshooting for the SMS campaign you're working on.


Otherwise, I'd advise replying to the automated @ mention email you receive from this response with:

  • the username of the account you're working in
  • the name of the SMS campaign you're working on
  • the exact URL you're trying to get plugged into the campaign
  • a screencap of how the message displays when you send it to yourself

William A
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