Scheduled campaign time zone glitch

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Hi! I have a problem with time zones and campaign scheduling that I'm pretty sure is a system glitch, and I'd like to know how to fix it.


To summarize, our account's regional settings for time zone are "GMT+08:00".

Screen Capture 005 - Constant Contact -

However, when we try to schedule an email campaign, it refers to the release time as "CST":

Screen Capture 004 - Constant Contact -

And if we send it out, then on the individual campaign's "Details" page, it lists the release time in "CST":

Screen Capture 002 - Constant Contact - 

But on the "Campaigns" page, it shows the release time in GMT+8:

Screen Capture 003 - Constant Contact -

And the email campaign is dispatched based on the GMT+8 time, not the CST time.


Is there a reason for this? Is there a way to fix this glitch?

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Hello @pearll0 ,


CST can be US Central Standard Time (UTC-06) or China Standard Time (UTC+08). Sometimes CST in other programs and software can also be Australian Central Standard Time (UTC+0930), or Cuban Summer Time (UTC-04). Unfortunately, this is just a byproduct of acronyms.

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Fair enough, we'll just have to get used to it. Can I make a feature request about this? Can CC implement an option to select "GMT" as the default display method for time zones across all pages/panels? Or at least have the system use one or the other, rather than have the system using both intermittently?