Segments, bad results and other issues

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I made a segment and one of the results it threw up is not in the list that the segment was based on and has not been for some considerable time. I don't understand why that contact email came up as a result as it did not meet the base criteria. It makes me wonder whether any other of my segment results are faulty. I am using them to check that people are in the right lists and will get the right emails. It would be nice if individual emails within segment results could be looked at and edited in the same way as you can with lists and tags. Also, Actions should not be limited to just adding to a list, but the full range of add/remove to lists and tags. The way it is set up now involves a lot of back and forward between segments, lists and tags in order to correct the tagging or listing. Adding segments to lists also takes a long time and refreshing the segment does not show any progress made.
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Hello @OpenArmsK ,


I'd advise calling our general support so you can securely provide examples of contacts that don't meet the criteria as coming up, so our support team can troubleshoot further. 


The rest of your posts sounds like improvements I would advise posting to the feedback boards.

William A
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