Selecting a new graphic or photo from Library using folders...

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Lately I've tried to become more so doing, I have created a lot of separate folders in my library.  Up to a few weeks ago, it was working great until just recently I tried to 'replace' graphics by going to my library, but now the folders don't all show on the screen...some are hiding above and I can't figure out how to bring them down in the viewing area.  I just give up and go to the list with all the photos/graphics in it, which kind of defeats the purpose of grouping them in folders to make them easy to find!  I'll try to attach a photo of what my screen looks like when this happens:  Screen Shot 2022-12-26 at 5.27.07 AM.png

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Hello @JudyM3882 ,


I'd advise zooming out on your browser screen / resetting it to the normal 100% view. Otherwise, consider performing some basic connectivity troubleshooting like cache clearing, or to see if they same issue is occurring in incognito/private mode or when you disable extensions.

William A
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