Share This Email via Email Link Invalid/Does not exist

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"Social Share" >Network > Email, when the campaign is sent and users click on the button it opens up the created email but the link is invalid/does not exist. The campaign has been sent so the permanent URL should be correct. Could you please help troubleshoot?
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Hello @ThinkSmall ,


Are you seeing this occur when you do a preview / test send of the email or when clicking the actual button in the sent email? I just tested within your account, and when the email is actually sent to a contact (in this case my test address), I was able to have the Email Share button function just as expected. It opened up a new email with the email's share URL, and the share URL goes to the webpage version of the email, as expected.


When the email is displayed in preview or sent as a test (not a true, live sendout), the button will not function.


Have any of your contacts reported this issue occurring with a live version of the email? Can they confirm they do not see a banner or anything else in the email that is indicating it's a test or preview?

William A
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