Text color showing different than what I used

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The email I sent this morning looked fine in constant contact & in 2 test emails ... Now after I have sent it - a portion of a section isn't showing up when the email is opened because the text color is now white... ( it is black in the original fie sent ) 


Please advise ....  this is quite embarrassing when it looks at though someone wasn't paying attention and sent something out that is  incomplete/ imcorrect!

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Hello @IrinaP37 ,


Is this issue the same across all email platforms / apps you view it in? When you viewed the test versus the live send, were both viewed in light mode or dark mode? Are any contacts reporting this as an issue, and if so what email apps / programs are they using to view the email, and are they also seeing the issues in light or dark modes?

William A
Community & Social Media Support