Tutorial: Create an Event with Constant Contact

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Hello Setting up an event with two seperate session. Example the event has a morning session with registration amd an afternoon event with a session. They are two seperate sessions, do I need to create two event , an event per session. Thank you

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Hello @ChrisC0299 ,


In order for the add-to-calendar functionality and event date/time notifications to match the sessions, they'd need to be separate events. You could potentially use the admission or items additions (added in Settings) to events to control this all within a single event, but the actual set date/time of the event (edited in Basics) would likely need to be set to accommodate both sessions.


If this event is for your email contacts only, then you may prefer to use the RSVP block's functionality, which would allow you to setup 3 separate times a contact to select within a single block. Or you could setup each session as a separate RSVP block within the same email, so contacts can individually express their Yes, No, or Maybe preference for each time.

William A
Community & Social Media Support