Typefaces / fonts are not consistent


The typefaces shown on the recipients screens are frequntly different than what we selected when writing the email.  We select the text, format correctly and boom, what they get is different.  Sometimes the recipient will see two different typefaces in the same paragraph of text.  Any assistance is appreciated.

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Hello @JostL 


When attempting to replicate this error we found that the fonts were appearing the same as were shown in the editor.

In order to assist we will need to gather a little more information.

Are you seeing that this issue is happening with all email campaigns or just specific ones?

Is there one main email client that seems to have this issue? (ex., Are you mainly seeing the change with individuals that have Outlook for their emails?)

Are we only using the universal fonts when editing the campaign?

Adelina R
Community & Social Media Support

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I am having the same issue as the original poster. I have manually gone through each section of my campaign selecting the same font and size for everything. Still, the fonts appear in different sizes in the mobile version of my test campaign. Can you please advise how to fix this?


I have asked colleagues to test this on PC and Mac, on Gmail and non-gmail and the problem remains. On the desktop version, the fonts are fine, just not the mobile version. As with the original poster, sometimes the recipient will see two different typefaces in the same paragraph of text.  


Any help is much appreciated.

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Same issue. Font looks consistent when I'm editing and when you preview for a desktop, but the preview in mobile version shows different typefaces, no matter how many times I try to reformat all of the text.

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Hi! Just wondering if there is an ETA on when this will be fixed? This is still an issue that's been going on for months. Thank you!

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Hello @marketsathanover ,


Please see Adelina's comment for what info we're needing for further troubleshooting.

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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I am having the same problem:


In a particular campaign, there are two consecutive paragraphs that are both using size 14 Arial. The two paragraphs look the same in the editor, and the same on the Desktop preview. However, in the mobile preview, they look different: the font in the second paragraph looks lmuch bigger. This is in the Preview before the campaign is even sent. This is the first time I have noticed it, so I can't say it is happening with all campaigns.

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Hi @VandanaD1. This tends to occur when the Body text size differs from the one set under the Design tab. You change the block text size to match the default Body text size under Design or change the Design > Body text size to match the font size in the block


Caitlin M.
Community Manager
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