Unable to be added to my company's account for constant contact

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I signed up for constant contact to join my company's account. I signed up separately and did not use the invite shared. Now that I have an account active, I am unable to join the company's account and unable to be added there as an admin. I tried calling the numbers given multiple times but no one picks up the phone ever. I even called different country helplines and still no help. I even got help with a chatbox and still no help. I have also written an email and still no help. I am using my company ID for both the sign up and the invite was also shared to that same email ID and still not being able to join as it says this user has an active account.
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Hello @user30732 ,


You'll need to login to your dud trial account, and update your username to something different / unique. Once you've done that, you'd either need to explicitly click the link in the original invite email, or ask the owner of the correct account to send your email address another invite and click the link in that one. If you try to create an account without going through that portal, you'll just end up making another disconnected trial account.


It's also be advisable that once you've gotten your login setup for the correct account, you update your username to something more unique - that way your email address is free to be used to setup another account user login if necessary.


If you need further assistance with updating their other accounts' username, I'd advise calling general support during their working hours to provide the email address in question, confirm security permissions live, and work with the agent to administratively update your dud trial's username.


For a full rundown of how adding users to accounts works

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