Universal code on DIVI wordpress site

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I am trying to add the universal code to my DIVI wordpress site so that I can collect contact information from my subscribers. I have added the inline code and it works well. However, when my subscribers click on the sign-up button nothing happens. I have added a code module. I have added the universal in every code box I can think of. Nothing works. Can someone please help me or tell me what I am doing incorrectly?

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Hello @JulieW6858 ,


In general, Wordpress sites don't do well with outside scripting / coding, so even if the forms themselves do populate, they may not function as desired. In general we recommend using an integration developed for Wordpress sites to generate forms for your Constant Contact account. For more info on this limitation, you can check our main form code installation article.


Another option would be to make a landing page sign up form, and then link to it on your site.


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William A
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