Upon a forward or reply, the original constant contact design is no longer functional

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What suggestions does Constant Contact have to design a communication that survives a forward or reply?  We need our customers to be able to forward or reply back to the original communication and still see the original message in the email, and unfortunately when they do the communication looks completely different and is illegible (i.e. - the background turns white, fonts turn light yellow, you can no longer read anything, etc).  I contacted the chat and got zero help.  Any thoughts?  Are there any design tips that could be implemented to try and avoid this?

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Hello @AveryC09 ,


Our suggestion is to not forward emails, as email programs tend to alter the codes of emails that are forwarded through them for their own purpose. Sometimes nothing or very little noticeable is changed, other times it can completely upheave the design entirely. Once an email has been received, we have no control over how the email program will choose to rewrite it for its forwarding purposes. Even emails originating and being forwarded from directly within email programs will encounter this sometimes, as it's just how the coding works.


Our suggested "workarounds" would be to either have the forwardees as actual contacts you can email directly, or to use the "Forward" option of the social share bar that can be inserted in emails. The share version essentially generates a simple messaged pre-built email with the campaign's permanent URL as part of it.


As far as the email getting changed after reply-to collapses, they'd need to just reference the original email at the top of the email thread.

William A
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