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Hi! We currently use CC as a way for multiple agents within our real estate firm to send out newsletters, all managed by one person. What has been done previously to me seems incredibly clunky: for each newsletter we create a copy of the last person's and then replace all of the images and links with the next person's info. For example, we have an image header with the agent's headshot, and that image needs to change for each agent, as well as the link associated with the image. This takes around 5 minutes per person. That can be extremely time consuming for a large number of people.

I feel like there has to be a better solution for this. If I were working in InDesign, I would be using data merge and some custom javascript to keep a list of all agents with associated image files and links, and each time a newsletter was created I would just data merge all of the agents and have a full list of customized pages within a couple of minutes. I feel like this would be possible with the level of service provided by CC, but I can't find any information (searching for anything dealing with "merging" immediately returns nothing but things from people trying to merge in contacts).

I'm also interested in any other time-saving solutions that aren't data merging, so suggestions are welcome. Thank you so much!

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Hi @LindaP9001. I think what you might be looking for is some kind of "saved block" feature that you could use to drag in agents' information without needing to recreate the block every time. While we don't have this feature in the editor, I would recommend voting or commenting on the open idea we have for it. This way if we have updates to share, they will be announced there.

If you were looking for something else, please let us know!


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Hi @Caitlin_M. That would probably speed up the process slightly, but it would still require creating copies for each person one by one and switching in their "blocks" and images. Ideally what I'm hoping for is something where I create a template, enter the data placeholders where they need to go, and then merge a data set in that would automatically create the campaigns for each agent using the data set. From there I would hope to be able to set the sending/resending details for everything as a group, and send.

All in all I would expect the process to take less than half an hour for something that currently takes far, far longer due to needing to set up and send each campaign by hand.

Edit: also, good lord, that suggestion is from 2015 and still hasn't been implemented, with people continuously commenting on it for seven years? And even more damning, the most recent comment is from someone who remembers a point at which CC actually had a feature that was better than the current system, but ditched it with no replacement. That does not bode well for my expectations for this platform. 😕

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