Using one Constant Contact Subscription for multiple companies

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Is there a way to use one Constant Contact subscription to support multiple companies emails campaigns? Or does each company have to have their own subscription?

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Hello @LaurenF243 ,


While it is technically possible to have multiple companies use a single account, we generally don't recommend it for a number of reasons. Some of these include:

  • potential for contact list cross-contamination, accidental sendouts, and mass unsubs/spam reports
  • having to change the legally-required physical address regularly between emails
  • having to change the From and Reply-To addresses regularly

My recommendation would be to potentially look at the Partner program, to maintain a master account with the various companies as separate accounts beneath it. This will allow those other companies to maintain their own lists, campaigns, library files, legally-required physical addresses, verified email addresses and users, etc. Having a free master account would also work toward your benefit by allowing you to create templates within it, then distribute them as needed into the sub-accounts.


For more info on the Partner program, feel free to peruse this page and select a type most in line with how your organization / business structure would work. You can apply for the program through this form, which will allow a Partner onboarding specialist to reach out and provide some more specific insight regarding your setup and needs.

William A
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