Using @ tags in social media posts

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when tagging @ usernames it only tags the first word...for example, if I tag a company like @Anika Digital Holdings...only Anika gets tagged and the rest of the word is discredited.  I have to manually go to the social media account and retag the names so they get picked up in the post.  is there a fix for this or are there coding issues preventing constant contact from allowing the tag to be picked up?

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Hello @ADHJason ,


Due to how some social platforms work, tagging usernames with spaces doesn't generally work. Typically the most standout of these is Facebook which doesn't have a traditional @ tagging system like Twitter handles or Instagram account tags, which are all singular, no-space words, numbers, and symbols. This, combined with how their API works with a lot of 3rd party social posting services like ours, means that for tagging on Facebook you'll likely need to go in and manually add it each time after the post is made. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support