Using the event registration form, landing page, and invitation

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We have an All-Class Reunion every 5 years. How do I direct people for whom I have no email address (but will snail mail a hard copy invitation), to go online to our Event Registration on Constant Contact? 

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Hello @JeffC5266 ,


You can use outside system to generate a QR code from the event's share URL, and provide that on your main website, social media, and printed physical material. You can also just include the event's share URL directly on your site and social platform posts.


If you're also planning to go the printed material route, make sure to include a shortened version of the event's URL alongside the QR code, in case they either don't have their cell, can't scan the code, or would simply prefer to type the site in directly.


Since you won't be providing direct invites to the event, I'd also encourage you to have a landing page for your event, even if it's essentially just a full copy of your event email invites. That way your non-contacts can still see all the relevant info for your event before committing to registering.

William A
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