Very annoying problem sharing a link for a marketing

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I just noticed that the link CC creates when we create an email leads to a page with the CC email but it is addressed to me! I don't want that. I think the only way around that, unless CC support thinks of another option, is to make a copy of the email without the greeting included. It could be done more easily if CC offered a version without the personal greeting automatically when creating the link for online viewing. Best wishes, George
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Hi @GeorgeK17478,


Thanks for coming to the Community! You are correct at this time there isn't a way to automatically change the greeting on the webpage version if it already has a personalized greeting. It's definitely a good idea and we are tracking feedback on it for our developers, so I'll add your name to the chorus! In the meantime, your idea of making a non-personalized copy, sending it to yourself, and then sharing out the permanent URL for that campaign is the best workaround for now.

Nick S.
Social Media & Content Manager
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