Who are my visitors?

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How do I find out who the visitors are to my landing page. No email address or link is available. Also, it seems that segmenting those who linked on my landing page is no longer available. It worked at first, now it's not. I'm missing something.
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Hello @BrendaW965 ,


We can't capture a random landing page's visitors unless they either specifically submit contact info (such as with landing page sign up forms' reporting), the the click report of an email where you've linked your landing page, or in the purchases of a shoppable landing page.


If you're looking to use click segmentation for an email, you merely need to add that when you're inserting the landing page link into an email. Please keep in mind that click segmentation doesn't work for the webpage version of the emails, such as what you'd share on social media or in your site's email archive


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