creating a new doc for 2023

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I work for a community radio station here in Asheville NC. Last year I created a multi page doc to send to prospective clients. This year I decided to stream line my work, and create a simple page with links, embedded links etc. Ideally id like to enable the client to click on a link for rates. A page pops up. On the page would be other links enabling the client to access other information if they'd like. Essentially I'm trying to make an easily accessible, simple, but deep doc. I see one can create a link for an imported doc, but can that also have links?


Any suggestions?


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Much appreciated,



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Hello @KP864 ,


Any documents you upload with links will still have those links active on the actual document page when a contact clicks the link in an email to view it.


However, based on your description, it sounds like a custom landing page would be more useful for your purposes, which can also be linked to in emails, and would give you much better insight on which links people are interacting with.

William A
Community & Social Media Support