forwarding a CC email to my own CC list

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I received an email (with buttons and formatting, etc) from another constant contact email list. I would like to forward it to my own list, as we are an affiliated organization. How can I do that?

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Hello @CindyM3683 ,


Forwarding emails isn't really possible through our system, even if you are affiliated with the other account. You can either recreate the email from scratch in your own account to send to your list, or ask its original sender for either its permanent URL or downloaded (PDF or image) version of it that you can send to your contacts. If the email was built using custom code, you could ask them for their code so you can plug it into your own account's custom code editor.


If they're a fellow child account under a partner you're affiliated with, you could try asking the parent partner account add the template to your account.

William A
Community & Social Media Support