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If I use an old email newsletter, inserting an image is fast. Now, when I want to insert an image, it takes FOREVER to load the images. Why would your system get worse over time? I would think that you would want to improve the system so more customers would be happy. I see other posts in the community that feel like me regarding the time it takes to insert an image.
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Hello @DonW8 ,


After testing an looking over your email, the issue is more to do with the sheer length of your email. With so many large images, and what would be dozens of pages of material - all inside of a single, continuous email - this is going to be causing the system to require increasingly more bandwidth for rendering, insertion, and auto-save.


On top of all that, with your current email's length, you're going to be running into issues with email programs (especially Gmail and Outlook) cutting off your emails part way through. This can end up affecting your click reports for the purchasable items, as contacts will either not see them, or the email will need to be re-rendered on the email program's side. This cutoff and re-rendering of such large emails has also been known to cause formatting and display issues in longer emails, forcibly adding extra spacing on sides, or between lines of text.


Another thing to keep in mind is that with so many large images, it can also result in delivery issues, as email programs and security algorithms can end up spam filtering or delaying particularly long emails with lots of media. It can also affect reporting in these regards as well, with them opening and downloading every image and "clicking" every link to check for malware, before the contact can even see it.


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With all of this in mind, I'd strongly advise reconsidering the layout of your email. If you're wanting to have a large catalogue of items for contacts to check out, it'd be more beneficial to use call-to-actions / buttons and images to direct them to your site where they can peruse your catalogue. You can still feature a few select items, but having such a wide variety in a single, very long email is going to be overwhelming for the majority of recipients. 


If you don't want to redirect contacts to a particular webpage / store you have setup, another option would be to create either  a Shoppable Landing Page or a PDF of the catalogue you'd normally have inside your email, and simply link to that from the email itself. That way, you're avoiding the pitfalls of very long emails, while still getting your contacts to engage with your material, and ideally get conversions for the products.


The following articles in our Knowledge Base - also available via the Help button at the top of your account - will have instructions, insight, and general advice for improving your process for creating emails:

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