rsvp block, changing time zone

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Even though my time zone on my account settings is California time (PST).  When creating an RSVP, the settings only give the EST option.  Even if someone transfers that to their calendar that changes the time zone, it's still very confusing to those reading the RSVP notice.  I want the notice on the email to reflect my current time zone.  How does one do this?

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Hello @KathyA038 ,


Sometimes specially formatted blocks that rely on account settings, such as the RSVP block, will retain those older settings if they're changed after adding the blocks. Generally it's an easy fix of deleting the block and adding a new one. However, if you're continuing to have issues with your RSVP block's time zone, even after re-adding it after your time zone update, then please let us know so we can do more in-depth troubleshooting. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support