syncing contacts from Outlook to Constant Contact

Is there a way to auto-sync contacts from Outlook to Constant Contact. For example, if I have new contacts added or deleted throughout a month, do I have to manually add those to Constant Contact...or is there a sync mechanism that auto-adds them to Constant Contact. Simply, I'm looking to auto connect AND UPDATE my Outlook email to Constant Contact without going through the downloading steps. Thank you.
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Hello @TraciR727 ,


At this time we do not have an active integration with any Outlook versions. You may be able to find a 3rd-party developed one to utilize for automatic contact syncing. Otherwise, you'd need to manually export from Outlook , check the CSV file's formatting to make sure it'll import correctly, and then import the file into your Constant Contact account. 

William A
Community & Social Media Support
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This used to be available. Why was it discontinued?

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