Break down open and click reporting across multiple emails by list

Why can I no longer check stats for email lists? That's dumb.

Status changed to: Voting Open

Hi @MarcL04058. The dropdown for Contact Lists under the Reporting tab was not included in the new Reporting view since it wasn't bringing the most accurate results. We're looking into a more improved way to view sends by lists. For now, we'll open this idea up for voting. 


Hi!  You seem to have upgraded the Constant Contact Reporting screen but what happened to the feature that let you filter how many campaigns a particular email list has gotten?  Can you bring it back?


I would also like to be able to generate the click/open rates by email list.  Can we do that?


How about supplying this info in the raw data?   The Campaign Report export used to include a column for "Sent to Contact Lists", but this is now missing.  This was helpful in determining which of our lists are actively being used and which are not. 



What they all said above!  We'd like to be able to pull activity/engagements off a particular list. While this is possible with 1:1 contacts, its just not feasible to go through an entire contact list 1:1 copy/paste etc. That's just way too time consuming. This type of feature not only helps us understand what contact activity is...but also allows us to assess CC attributes and value to our contacts. 

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