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It's not possible to get a report to sort contacts which are my most active readers. This would be a great tool. MIke

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I would like to suggest displying a history of opens for the last 90 days per individual contacts. We used to have that option before.

I can not see how many times a contact has opened a newsletter...
Would like to see when an individual has opened an email multiple times in one place - ie if they open the email every day the opening will be listed in the report on different pages making it hard to identify someone who has engaged in the email multiple times.

Do not like that I cannot see the history in an individual's account -- can't see which ones they clicked on and when they opened them -- this was critical for our customers who complained they "never got the email" and wanting the special pricing we gave two months after the fact -- I was able to do a screen shot and send it to them showing what day/time they opened it and how many times they opened it!  We can't do that anymore.  


I agree with all those  comments above -- you took away the ability to look at crucial data in any logical way .  Also the number of bounces it shows does not correspond to the number that displays when you try and view the bounces -- obvious glitch there -- so how can we be sure the bounces are actual and accurate?  I just tried to look at the emails that did not open (over 300) and I get a blank screen.


I don't like the new Exporting of reports either -- I don't want to export EVERY field!!!  Makes my spreadsheet too long and I have to delete or hide columns to fit on one page -- very time consuming.


This is just not useful anymore other than to send bulk emails!


One positive note -- I do like being able to see the Thumbnail image of the email campaign -- not a great trade-off though!  

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This is a handy feature. It would be nice to send an email from the contact info. page to make it a simple way to be interactive to those who opened my email..
I cannot quickly/easily find if a person opens my emails. In the old format, I could easily click on the link to see if they opened it or if the emails are bouncing if I add a new person.
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Also, there needs to be a Constant Contact support page describing the details on how to do this process through Constant Contact, and possibly add how to do it in a spreadsheet on the same page.


I would like to have the feature where, in one table, I can view the contacts that have MOST RECENTLY engaged with my emails. It is paramount in sales to contact leads when your offering is top-of-mind and I believe the VAST MAJORITY of your users would appreciate a feature such as this. Improved user experience, better retention for Constant Contact!
Add a option to pull a report that shows the clients, that has opened the most.
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on contact lists, should list the "date of last open" as a column so can determine if want to keep sending that contact any emails &/or if want to send a special email, etc. right now there is no way to easily get this list / this info of "last opened date"...without going into each individual contact, which is WAY TOO time consuming...
For example, this report would enable me to determine who to follow-up with first - those who open 4 times or more times vs. those who open once or twice.
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It would be nice if you can create a report of contacts that have opened mutiple email campaigns and show what campaigns have actually been opened
would like to be able to be easily SEE reports on when the majority opened these emails (not even by whom ...yet)) Also, you should include Insurance in your industry reports.
Sería muy útil si pudiera tener un reporte de emailing que por ejemplo en caso de enviar el mismo correo a 6 listas diferentes me pudiera mostrar las estadísticas por listas y no solo por correo. De ese modo mi información sería más detallada. Muchas gracias
Hi, I would like the ability to see on one report which users open our content the most and who never opens it. Would help me manage our lists. - Martha
Is there an option for running a concise report that indicates who is opening my emails? For example list names and # of opens.
Is there no way to filter Contacts by their Open rate for all Sent? To separate highest Openers from lowest?
Hello, We need an easy way to send daily to our active/engaged segment which we define as: - opened email in last 60 days OR - joined list in last 60 days The tag assignment process is too time consuming and manual for us. Would be great if we could create a simple conditional segment: select all contacts who opened in last 60 days OR joined in last 60 days I was told in support you are working on this... what is your timeframe to get this done? This year? I hope so! Thanks, Tom
Would like to be able to get a report showing which contacts opened which emails, to see the top 100 people who consistently open my emails.
There evidently is no way to easily merge our "opens" from one email to the next. The reason to do this, is to identify which contacts are the most interested in our services. In other words, if the same contact opened more than one email, that means they are likely more interested than someone who just opened one. I understand there is a tedious way to do this using Excel. It would be great if there was a way to do it that's easier. Thanks!
I'd like to reward the top email openers and would love you to offer a way to get a report for this. For example, top 50 openers from the last 25 emails I sent.

 showed it on a graph the top prospects based on views and clicks.

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Very disappointing that there seems to be no easy way to scrub contact lists or determining those who is actively opening emails or not except by opening each contact individually. Please advise as to whether you provide a way to do this or are working on the problem?
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Please put BACK the preview mode on list of draft emails. ALSO please put back the ability to see a snapshot of results of all sent emails in reports. I don't like looking at one at a time, as I cannot compare results at a glance.
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We need reporting for a date range, not just a single email. No business can make any kind of important decision based off a single email's report.
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I would like a comprehensive report on contacts who have not opened campaigns, so I can understand which contacts are not longer valid and have past an active life-span.
Rather than continually sending emails to contacts that aren't opening anything - I would like to be able to see the last time all my contacts opened any email and be able to "clean-up" my contact list. I figure if a contact hasn't opened a single email in over 2 years they are obviously not reading anything I'm sending.
Participant I sent out an email to 4,000+ on a Wednesday. TOday, Friday I see a 22% Open rate. I want to give it another shot for more to open but don't want to be so brazen by sending the Newsletter again. So I will devise a postcard saying..."you may have missed....uada yada" and then provide a link to the Newsletter which is irrelevant but is FYI So then I will have a reposrt showing how and who "clicked" through to the Newsletter, which, in my mind will give me a higher open rate! It would be nice if somehow these stats could be meshed for an overall open, of the Newsletter, rate/%. Hope this makes sense. I believe it would be another good tool. If you use this idea send me a toaster LOL Joe Kloza ProjectSHARE of Carlisle
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