Unsuspend contacts in bulk

The suspended email situation is HORRIFIC. There are currently 2 people on my team supporting over 10,000 email addresses and we do not have the bandwidth to reach out to all of the suspended accounts each time we send an email. We refresh our email lists each month at a minimum and to go through this is ridiculous. We don't have time to reach out directly to 100 people asking them to whitelist us. Our emails are time-sensitive and when we follow up on them 2 days later and we don't know which suspended status it is in, it makes our job extremely difficult. We use Constant Contact to make our job easier and expect to be able to send emails through you and trust that they are getting through, unless they provided an incorrect email address. If you cannot make that happen then we will have to look elsewhere for a service that will. I don't have time to sit on hold with customer service to unsuspend a list of people every time we update our lists and send an email. I can just send it through outlook at this rate. It may not look as pretty, but at least they will receive it!

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Hi @CrystalH643 thanks for sharing this feedback with us. At this time users do not have the ability to bulk unsuspend contacts in their account. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask that you please call into our Account Review Department directly for any assistance with bulk unsuspend contacts. One of these agents can take a closer look and help find the answers you may need. In the meantime we have opened up your idea so other users can weigh in as well.

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