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 Create a social lead ad to grow your audience


Social media is a great place to engage with your audience, but also grow your audience.


If you’re trying to collect contacts, check out social lead ads.


You’re probably wondering what’s the point of a social ad if I can already share my emails and events on my social media accounts? The benefit with a social ad is that it will spread your message/promotion to a wider audience, including people who aren’t already engaging with your content (though might potentially be interested).


It has the benefit of either curating a prospective audience based on data with your existing contact list or a custom audience based on desired demographic details such as gender, age, country, specific location, or interests.


You set a budget that works for you (assuming it is at least $1.00 USD a day) and how long you want to run the ad. Facebook will have to review your ad to make sure it meets their content policy.


Once your ad has been running for a little bit, make sure to review the reporting. Whether your ad is running well or you might want to tweak it to see if the engagement improves, you can always edit an active social ad.

On the same wavelength, if you’ve surpassed your goals or aren’t happy with the performance of the ad, you can always unpublish the social ad.

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