Donation Landing Page vs. Store? Ideas?

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Good morning,


My organization is a nonprofit. We currently use a different site/method to collect donations and we are looking into trying to utilize Constant Contact instead. Ideally, we would want someone to be able to go to the page, and then be able to submit a donation and designate which part of our program that donation goes to; then we receive the funds via PayPal.


For example, if someone wanted to specifically donate to just 'General' funds. They would click on that, enter the amount and submit. We'd get the money/notification that $XX was donated to the 'General' fund. Or if someone wanted to donate to 'Children's Fund', the notification would say we got a donation for the Children's fund. Etc.


Is there a way to set up some sort of landing page or store that could be done on Constant Contact? A thought I had would to set up an online store, but instead of the different products, each product would be a different area (General, Children, etc.) that people could donate to. Is that an acceptable way to utilize the store feature? Or something simple as some sort of donation form that has their contact information, how much they are donating, and then a drop-down or checklist where they have to designate where that money goes to?


Has anyone done anything similar? Or have any insights? It would be greatly appreciated!

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I think using a Shoppable Landing Page  to collect donations is a really creative idea! Your idea of setting up a separate "product" for each type of donation will work, and the best part is people will be able to come back as often as they want to make another donation! The check out form does capture contact info along with the item(s) purchased. 


Another option you may want to consider is our Donation action block.  This block has a landing page so you can set a goal, see how many supporters you have, how much money has been raised, and even has a recurring donation option!

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Thanks for your insights and comments, much appreciated!