Transferring Mailing List Over to Another Company

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We are US-based manufacturer that sells direct-to-customer. All operations are being handed over to a 3rd party seller for both fulfilment and marketing. However, the seller we are handing our operations over to will be taking sales through their own site instead of our current company site. Our website will serve to provide information as the manufacturer of our products and host links to where the product can be purchased moving forward.


If this seller has exclusive selling rights over our brand, would their company be able to use our mailing list to communicate with our customers on our behalf? Customers will no longer be able to purchase through our company anymore, only through the 3rd party seller on their website. The product being sold is owned and manufactured by our company, and contains our tradename/branding.

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Hello @ReginaS5 ,


As long as your branding is still being used for the other emails not related to sales receipts, then you should be okay as long as your contacts have granted your company permission to email them. If the 3rd party will be using any of their branding over yours in the regular advertisement, newsletter, etc. emails then you may need to go through a Confirm Opt-In process for them.


Ultimately, it'd be best to reach out to our Compliance / Review teams so they can provide some more specialized insight, to make sure you're 100% covered on this transition, and that the rights of your contacts are protected.

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