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I continue to have problems when I post photos for a Constant Contact Facebook post.  Photos encourage our church members to read the constant contact email but with out you get a message saying :  web-extract.constant contact.

This is NOT very appealing to open.  IN fact, very few actually open the post due to this misleading message...which appears as a virus to many. Please work on this issue!   

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Hello @MelissaL741,


Thank you for bringing this feedback to us, I apologize for the frustration. We are aware of this issue and working to get this resolved as soon as possible. Thank you.

I chose Social Share for my latest email newsletter and it started showing up on Facebook and Twitter with random photos from my library that had nothing to do with the post. Had to take everything down.
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It still isn't working.  I've asked about this a number of times.  I have loved this feature in the past, but finding this really disappointing.  

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I'm having the same problem.  I am trying to promote an event on my facebook page and the picture is a random one that doesn't match the event.  I went back to CC to make sure I had set it up correctly, which I had (I'm always willing to admit when I messed up!).  It makes my business look unprofessional.  

I'm upset that the last social share to Facebook did not match the preview. For starters, it used a different picture than I selected. Also, the preview showed the picture fine, but the top and bottom were cut off in the Facebook post, meaning that half the letters on the top and bottom of the picture were cut off too.
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This still isn't working correctly. It worked briefly, and now it's not working again. It's putting in my quilt shop logo instead of the picture of the class project for my events. People aren't going to open a link to a project class if they can't see the project in the picture. When will this be fixed?

If you know that FB requires an image greater than 200 x 200, and you tell us it does, why don't you let us edit the social media post instead of requiring that we delete it and then not giving us a chance to repost it?
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