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For the last 3 years I have been using the same picture for my social media posts and it is THE only one that is never suggested........ How do I set it to use the same picture every time? It is so frustrating.

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Hi @Tai_Chi_John at this time being able to set a default image when creating a social share post is not available. Currently the image selector for a social post include the default images, and the most recent images uploaded to the library. We would however be happy to continue tracking requests on a feature like this through your thread. We have opened up this idea so other users can continue to weigh in as well.

I want the social media post to have the bottom border with the headline. When I first select the account to post to FB, it is there, but the image prefill is my chamber logo instead of the image that fits the story. When I select a new image, the banner is removed. That sucks. It needs to stay! That's the whole point. People don't scroll through the text to find a link to go read the full email. Why else would I go through the trouble of using Constant Contact to post to FB when I could post that image to FB myself directly? The whole point is to reach more people with my email.
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