Abandoned Cart Notification Customization

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Your abandoned cart email feature is next to worthless. A simple not pad has more features and custimization. There is not option to make text bold, unmderlined or in Italics, there is not way to make text hyperlinked, change the font, color or size. I can not even hit the return key and create a space in the body of my text. What gives you the right to limit me? What gives you the right to decide how long my titles are, or how many characters I can include in the body of my content? If I want to write emails with 1000 word titles, I should be able to. %0 character limit for my headline? 150 character limit for the body of my content? That is f##king stupid (I realized this is going to be posted on a forum so i came back and edited my LANGUAGE). I can not even create anything with this crap. If wanted cookie cutter emails that look just the same as hundreds of others i would not even bother to write and create one in the first place. For a paid service, this is an embarrassment, I could keep going but if constant contact is lazy enough to fail to this miserably, then they are lazy enough to ignore the complaints of a paying customer, one who is seriously considering becoming a former paying customer.


There is really no customization for an abandoned cart email. It would be nice if there could be a header with links back to our site. Also it would be nice to be able to change the fonts and add a professional looking footer. Right now it is very basic and boring no matter what we do to it.

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Thank you for your feedback @gerardp035. I too believe that the abandoned cart editor could be a bit more robust. I have opened up your idea for voting.

Status changed to: Voting Open
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Also super weird that the business store name is HUGE and right before a company logo, which says the same thing. It is almost a dealbreaker that we can't brand this to match our site and everything else in our promo material, even in our other emails. 

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