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Customers want to feel valued and appreciated. If you are committed to providing a positive and engaging experience that goes beyond your core product, it will differentiate you from your competitors. Here are a few tactics we recommend that will help you stay top of mind and build loyalty with your audience:


  • Personalize your content: If your content speaks directly to the customer, they will feel cared for. Tools such as list segmentation, AI content writing, and automation can help with your messaging.
  • Provide timely content: Leverage your expertise and try to complement your product or organization by sharing information that is relevant to your customers so they know to come to you first for anything else they might need.
  • Broaden your marketing mix: Utilize a variety of channels to communicate with your customers. This will help you understand where your marketing efforts are most receptive and make it easier for your customers to stay in touch with you.


I would love to hear from you about your own tactics to stay top of mind! What channels do you use to communicate with your customers? What has worked well for you? Or, what challenges have you faced?


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