Everyone's glued to their smartphones these days, and that's why text message marketing is a total game-changer for small businesses. The text-to-join feature is the perfect way to reach your target audience right where they spend most of their time and help grow your email list.

What is text-to-join?

Text message marketing is a way to connect with your customers by sending them text messages. You use SMS to write different messages and send them directly to their phones. It's a super quick way to reach your customers, and they're more likely to actually read your message. The text-to-join feature allows customers to text a mobile number for your business and opt in to receive marketing messages.

Why should I use text-to-join?



Text-to-join offers a convenient and effective way to grow your contact list and engage with customers. By allowing people to join your contact list by simply sending a text message, you can capture valuable customer information and expand your reach. Plus, who doesn't have a smartphone on hand these days? It's a no-brainer!


Constant Contact customer Tamika Catchings, owner of Tea’s Me Cafe, uses text-to-join and a custom landing page to grow her email list. “The text has been great,” said Tamika. You can listen to


You can listen to Tamika's story about how she got into business after buying Tea's Me Cafe in 2017, how they build their email lists, and more on the Be a Marketer podcast.

How do I set up text-to-join?


It only takes a few steps to set up text-to-join and you'll be on your way to adding new email and SMS subscribers


Make sure to provide customers with the unique phone number for your business and ask them to text “Join” to that number and include their email address in the message. 


When you are using text message marketing, remember to follow these rules:


  • Customers must opt-in to receive texts and every text sent by an organization or business must include instructions on how to opt-out of receiving marketing text messages.
  • Send texts between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m. in the recipient’s time zone only.
  • Each text must include data rates (no message is free!), disclaimers, and privacy policies.

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Text-to-Join makes it easy for potential subscribers to join your email and SMS lists. You can display Text-to-Join instructions next to your register, in an email, in a social media post, on your website, wherever! Join the conversation and let us know how you're utilizing Text-to-join for your business or organization.

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